- Hair + Makeup Artist 


Ruth! How are you? How is lockdown and how are you spending your days at home?

Hi, I am really good. Even though it is a very uncertain time, I am enjoying it. I am spending so much time with our children, teaching them (trying to). Taking long and local walks. Spending time in my garden which I had newly planted and was overwhelmed with as I have not really had a seasonal garden to care of before. Making yummy food!!! It has nice to not have to be anywhere for a change because my schedule was super busy before this happened. 

How is the lockdown affecting your business?

It has been hard. So many brides have had to postpone, a few had to cancel- And as you know the fashion industry cannot work for a while too. I am taking things day by day. I still have brides penciling in potential dates and working out what levels will work for their needs. For me to be able to work I imagine level 2, or even 1 would have to be in place due to the proximity of doing someone’s makeup. I really do miss work. I love my job. 

What are you currently watching, reading, and listening to?

I binge watched Our Planet as soon as lockdown started, and it was amazing. I love watching anything with wildlife in. I am always trying to learn new aspects of my trade, so I have also subscribed to a few international artists training programmes they have on offer during lockdown which is incredible. 

I am reading Where the Crawdads Sing and I love it!

What positives do you think this lockdown has already created and what future changes do you hope we see within the society of New Zealand?

I think we have learnt to be more local in our essentials- I would always go where I wanted for what I wanted and have found everything I need and want in our little area. It is great for local businesses, traffic and so much more. 

Specifically, the Fashion Industry -

I felt quite strongly from the start that it is a unique opportunity for change to happen. For the world to stop and give us this chance, it is quite big. 

I had so much (even more) respect for Staple and Cloth when the brand chose not to sell over this time. 

Staple and Cloth produce in NZ which is so important, and I hope more businesses will look to suppliers and makers in NZ. It is most likely going to be difficult to get things to and from overseas producers for a while and hopefully it will drive businesses to other NZ businesses. 

I love the idea that I have seen from Trelise Cooper and Staple + Cloth to slow production down a bit and have clothing available for the season we are in and going on sale at the end of that season.